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Seagrass Rugs

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About seagrass

Seagrass rugs have an unrivalled strength and natural stain resistance that makes them the most practical and versatile of our natural floor coverings.

All seagrass rugs from The Crucial Rug Store are custom made and prices are based on the rugs material/border configuration and its size. To obtain prices, Click on a seagrass rug from one of the collections below to view it first and enter your sizes into the built-in rug cost calculator, and b ecause this is The Crucial Rug Store you can customise any of our designs further to create a truly unique rug.

Seagrass Rugs from the Classics Collection

Seagrass Rugs from the Trend Collection

Rug Builder - create a bespoke Seagrass rug

Use the Rug Builder to design your own seagrass rug - its integrated wishlist function lets you create and save as many rug designs as you want before purchasing.

Specify your material/border types and enter your required size into the built-in cost calculator for an instant online quote.

Seagrass Rugs - Design using The Rug Builder

“Seagrass rugs have an unrivalled strength and natural stain resistance that makes them the most practical and versatile of natural floor coverings.”


Seagrass is traditionally grown in the flooded paddy fields of rural China, and it is this region of the world that is known for producing the finest quality seagrass fibre.

Seagrass close-up

As the name suggests, salt water plays an important role in the production of seagrass and there are several related species that grow naturally in shallow seas. Though not strictly a grass at all, seagrass has a distinctive hay-like scent that is mostly lost after it is harvested.

The natural appeal of seagrass stems from its shades of beige, brown and green that are evident even after the fibres are spun into yarn.

The Crucial Rug Store uses a carefully chosen source of seagrass renowned for its quality and durability.

To compare Seagrass against our other natural materials please see our Suitability section.

Stain Protection Treatment

For peace of mind we offer INTEC stain protection treatment. INTEC protection ensures that every fibre is protected by a polymer shield to resist the absorption of stains and dirt and helps to prolong the life of your seagrass rug. INTEC is environmentally friendly, completely safe and does not affect the colour or the texture of your rug. This option can be selected at the checkout for a small extra cost before paying.