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Coir Boucle Natural Rug

Expresso is the traditional Italian start to the day. If your searching for boutique hotel chic then wake up to this rug...

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Inner: Coir - Boucle Natural / Natural Luxury
Border: Cotton Herringbone / Espresso

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Rug features

*INTEC stain protection treatment

The Crucial Rug Store offers INTEC stain protection treatment for all of our coir rugs as an option. INTEC ensures that every fibre is protected by a polymer shield to resist the absorption of stains and dirt and helps to prolong the life of your rug.

INTEC is environmentally friendly, safe and does not affect the colour or the texture of your rug. This option can be selected at the checkout for a small extra cost before paying.

About Coir

From the husk of the coconut palm comes coir; one of the most durable natural textiles.

Known for their rich coarse texture, coir fibres are separated from the coconut husk by soaking it in the warm, gentle waters around India and Sri Lanka, swelling and softening the strands until the longer bristles can be removed.

Once washed and dried on the shore, the coir fibres are combed to remove any remaining impurities then twisted and spun into a strong yarn ready to be dyed and woven as desired. Some coir fibre is allowed to retain moisture for longer to preserve its natural elasticity when it's spun.